Put the bottom line on top
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Put the bottom line on top

The Concept

For every company, profitability is critical to growth and survival. Profits are necessary to enable companies to invest in the development of customers, products, people and markets. In our book "Customer Profit Hacking" we specifically look at company profitability as the sum of all profits and losses made on sales to individual customers. However, it is an often overlooked fact that customers are a source of revenues and profits as well as a source of costs and financial risks. Therefore, the Customer Profit Hacking method addresses two essential questions, which are: How can we more accurately determine to what extent each customer contributes to the bottom line of the company  and (2) What is the right allocation of effort and resources to each customer?

Customer Profit Hacking (CPH) is a universal method developed for B2B companies to increase their return on customer investment in a sustainable manner. This original methodology logically links value creation, customer profitability, customer satisfaction and cooperation between departments, ultimately leading to better long-term results for all stakeholders.

The Book

book customer profit hacking

Customer Profit Hacking, the book

The book "Customer Profit Hacking" is the result of many years of practical experiences. This book combines insights from various fields of expertise including customer relationship management, marketing, sales, finance, and credit management. This is the first book that combines existing  business concepts from multiple disciplines and puts them in a logical order and in an integrated way. To get a first impression go to Book Summary

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