Put the bottom line on top
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What did others say?

“The authors have provided a comprehensive and well-illustrated framework for
generating indispensable insights into maximising business value.Their holistic
methodology brings objectivity to generating value through the effective management
of customer and supplier commitments. They also demonstrate the why and how of
internal collaboration between commercial and financial teams as a condition for
success. Their work provides important focus for the development of valuable and
sustainable business relationships.”

Jeremy Stunt, Director, CFT Asia, Hongkong

“Fresh ideas need to be shared globally, and the ideas in ‘Customer Profit Hacking’
are no exception. Knowledge and education are key, and once again the authors have
written with so much passion, to give business professionals a unique and fascinating
insight into the ‘profit principle’ and provide problem-solving solutions for the timepoor,
information-hungry business professional who is seeking to enhance both their
companies’ bottom-line and customer relationships.”

Carol Baker, Editor Credit Control Journal (incorporating Asset & Risk Review),
United Kingdom

“We often do what we must do, not what we should do. ‘Customer Profit Hacking’
will help you convert the ‘shoulds’ to ‘musts’ and as such become the main source
of reference for any business looking to dramatically improve the value, profit and
sustainability in an ever competitive world. For sales people, finance teams, production,
delivery, marketing and customer service groups to fully understand and support each
others areas represents ‘business utopia’ and this book delivers an understanding of
each others roles to all - highly recommended!”

Jim Stanley B.Sc. FCIM Chartered, CEO NEXUM Group, United Kingdom

“Customer-centricity is the sacred belief of most enterprises, but many of them failed
to strike the right balance between value for customer (C-SAT) and value of customer
($$$). The result? Tremendous resources are spent, customers not happier, profits not
increased, and departments more siloed. This concise book provides the solution: by
developing a Customer Balance Sheet to integrate sales, marketing, service and finance
- it creates a win-win-win outcome for customers, employees and shareholders, and
achieves long term customer profitability (LTCP).”

Sampson Lee, Founder and President Global CEM (Global Customer Experience
Management Organization), Hongkong

“This book provides a nicely balanced and analytical view of key impacts of CRM aspects
and would be highly recommended reading for any serious marketing executive and
CRM BI analyst. By taking a more holistic and long term view on customer relationships,
creation of real sustainable value is achievable and observing some of these core
principles explained here will help to achieve that. In challenging economic climates of
very low or no growth, particularly in mature markets, it must be a strategic imperative
for sustained business development to leverage a company’s existing customer base
and sustain and grow this embedded value as a key priority alongside exploring
emerging and new market opportunities.”

Euan Nicol, Regional Head Finance Transformation, AXA Asia, Hongkong

“Finally a book which combines marketing and customer management. This is
absolutely a must read for every marketer who is willing not to think in ads but in
adding value to customer relationships.”

Hans Molenaar, Director Beeckestijn Business School and Chairman Platform for
Innovation in Marketing, The Netherlands

“‘Customer Profit Hacking’ is right on time. It is a reflection of a changing world,
realizing that aspects of competitive advantage start and end with people working in
a company. Economic truth seems to be harsh and complex and demands a strong,
consistent and persistent adaptability to customer needs, and they will be ever changing
themselves. It is therefore surprising that the basic principles can be explained in a
unique simplicity and practicality that will challenge the reader, and enthusiastically
appeals for changing behavior individually and as a company in (re)defining its values.
It is therefore recommended to go on this journey with a multidisciplinary team and
have fun in applying the concept provided.”

Jeroen van Santen, General Manager Accounting & Reporting, Sony Europe Limited,
United Kingdom