Put the bottom line on top


Bridging the gap between sales and finance

Customer Profit Hackathon

The concept of Customer Profit Hacking is simple and straightforward: put the bottom line on top by making customer profitability the focal point of all commercial activities including marketing, sales, service and credit management. Realization is, as always, the biggest challenge. We can support your organization to:

  • analyze the productivity of your customer relationships
  • provide practical advice to improve customer profitability
  • enhance collaboration between finance, sales, marketing and customer service
  • support your team to use to Customer Profit Hacking concepts, models and methods and how to apply them in your own organization

As soon as the relevant information about individual customers is at hand, budgeting, planning, practising needed to realize sustainable customer profitability becomes feasible. Implementing the CPH method may require a change of mindset in order to establish the necessary cooperation between departments. This leads to a value based way method of working with a focus on customer profitability. We can assist you by speeding up that process by organizing a Customer Profit Hackathon.

customer profit hackatHon

What is a Customer Profit Hackathon? A Hackathon can be a half a day or a full day program typically held on site at your facility in which your employees are engaged with us in an interactive program. This program is intended to focus your employees on ways to increase profits in the short term and the long term.

the method

A multidisciplinary team is formed. Representatives of sales and finance need to be included along with ideally representatives from marketing, and customer service teams. The more departments that are engaged, the more likely the Customer Profit Hackathon will improve your bottom line.